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  • Melinda Steffy

Celebrating 2 Years!

It's safe to say these past two years have been ... intense. For everyone. Concentric Strategy started on March 1, 2020. I joke that I wouldn't advise launching a new business to coincide with a global pandemic. And yet, I am full of gratitude for all that these two years have brought.

Over the past two years, Concentric has guided strategic planning, developed key messaging, and crafted thoughtful materials. We've facilitated conversations between staff, boards, and stakeholders to establish shared purpose and chart paths forward. We've supported a coalition of extracurricular providers as they responded to the pandemic, and told the stories of those on the front-line of community-based COVID relief. We've hired an executive director, written dozens of grants, and launched a storytelling-based fundraising campaign. There's been crisis management, day-to-day operations, and big dreams for the future.

I frequently describe Concentric's approach as "moving at the speed of trust."* Ultimately, organizations are made of human beings, and the foundation of all the work we do is relationship and care. From artists to educators, philanthropists to thought leaders, gardeners to grassroots organizers, it's been an honor to work alongside so many remarkable people.

Here's to all that's ahead!

Melinda Steffy (she/her)

Founder & Principal


[Left to right]

  • Co-hosting the "So, where do we go from here?" podcast, speaking with Philly's creative community about resetting as we emerge from the pandemic.

  • Facilitating workshops for Fleisher Art Memorial.

  • Telling grantee stories for Philanthropy Network's COVID-19 Prevention & Response Fund.

  • Working with Bartram's Garden on social media marketing, map brochure redesign, and content for a soon-to-launch website.

  • Refreshing key messaging for educational organization Need in Deed.

  • Working online and on-site!

At-work photo by KD Morris Photography

*Quotation from Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown


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