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  • Melinda Steffy

Copywriting Services

Whether you're looking for a lofty vision statement, a compelling case for support, friendly website copy, or detailed instructions, we craft the right language for the right audience.

We begin by listening. Through interviews and/or group conversations, we listen for the words people already use, for concepts that already resonate. We then shape those words into a clear narrative that tells your story.

During the review stage, we collaborate with you to wordsmith and revise, fine-tuning the language until it fits just right.

Throughout the process, we consider the following:

  • Who is the intended audience? What does that audience care about most?

  • How familiar is the intended audience with the subject matter? What will require extra explanation?

  • Is there content that will appeal to both skimmers and those who read more deeply?

  • What content is evergreen vs. time-sensitive?

  • What is the tone?

  • Is the language accessible and inviting?

  • What is the call to action?

Writing Samples

FringeArts 2022 Fringe Festival Guide

collaboration with Masters Group Design

Bryn Mawr College website for Annie Dorsen retrospective

collaboration with Masters Group Design

  • Website content, including overall description, individual show descriptions, one-liners

Shalom Hartman Institute — high-level organizational overview reflecting vision, values, and impact

collaboration with Masters Group Design

Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia grantee profiles for website

Additional writing samples are available upon request, including grant-writing, campaign materials, and more.

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