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  • Melinda Steffy

Strategic Planning Stage 3: How will we get there?

Once we know the landscape and have identified the North Star, we create a map for you to follow.

Stage 3: Road Map

We identify signposts that will help you along the journey to answering your Big Question.

Through a series of creative sessions with the strategic planning committee, we create strategic priorities, usually covering about 5 to 7 broad focus areas. Strategic priorities may be organizational (mission, partnerships, market position), programmatic (approaches, audiences, outcomes), and/or operational (systems, policies, personnel, technology, finances). We frame each strategic priority in a way that sets clear intention and forward momentum.

For each strategic priority, we then develop a list of recommended tactics that provide specific, practical steps for moving forward — with the understanding that tactics are fluid and may adapt over time as needs change.

The plan should be both aspirational and realistic. We help you create an implementation plan that takes into consideration timing, financial sustainability, human capacity, and other infrastructure needs to ensure you can successfully carry out the tactics. DEI is a constant thread, as we embed diversity of people and decision-makers, equitable practices and policies, and a culture of inclusion throughout every aspect of the plan.

We write the strategic plan and facilitate a review process with the committee to finalize it. We then create an attractive slide deck and collaborate with you to present the final plan to your board and staff.

We help make sure everyone understands how to use the plan and feels energized about the journey ahead. The strategic plan provides clear direction and tools for everyone in your organization to carry out strategy in real-time.

“What we practice at the small scale sets the patterns for the whole system.” —adrienne maree brown, Emergent Strategy

Photo of two people holding paper road maps and a compass.
We identify signposts that will help you along the journey to answering your Big Question.


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