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  • Melinda Steffy

Principles of Emergent Strategy

I come back to adrienne maree brown's list of core principles so often I'm surprised my copy of "Emergent Strategy" still closes at all.

Small is good, small is all. (The large is a reflection of the small.)
Change is constant. (Be like water.)
There is always enough time for the right work.
There is a conversation in the room that only these people at this moment can have. Find it.
Never a failure, always a lesson.
Trust the People. (If you trust the people, they become trustworthy.)
Move at the speed of trust. Focus on critical connections more than critical mass — build the resilience by building the relationships.
Less prep, more presence.
What you pay attention to grows.

(Buy the book. It's so, so good.)

small green plant sprouts in pots sit on top of dirt, next to gardening tools


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