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Board & Staff Retreats

Here at Concentric Strategy, we believe that work happens best — and the best work happens — when there are opportunities to pause, step back, zoom out, dream big. Our board and staff retreats create space for your team to re-align around shared values, navigate changes, and plan for the future.

Below are details about our favorite retreats for nonprofit boards and staff. If there are other topics you'd like to focus on, we will work with you to customize a retreat that will serve your current needs.

All sessions feature interactive activities designed to spark productive conversation, with creative tools, thoughtful framing, and simple mindfulness techniques. Retreats may take place in-person, depending on timing and circumstances (following all applicable COVID safety protocols), or via Zoom.

As always, we build retreats around principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, to support individual well-being and strengthen organizations.

Contact us to book a retreat.

image of a road map overlaid with the workshop title

So, where do we go from here?

Change management & visioning after a year of pancemic upheaval.

Interactive activities include:

  • Values Map

  • Navigating Changes

  • North Star

Board Retreat - So where do we go from h
Download • 336KB

image of a directional compass overlaid with the workshop title

Wait, what's our mission again?

Mission/purpose refresh that empowers personal storytelling.

Interactive activities include:

  • Values Map

  • Elevator Pitch Speed Dating

  • Wordsmithing

Board Retreat - Wait what's our mission
Download • 313KB

image of hanging light bulbs overlaid with the workshop title

We have an IDEA!

Brainstorming, idea refining, and project planning.

Interactive activities include:

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Low-Hanging Fruit / Pie in the Sky

  • Journey Mapping

Board Retreat - We have an idea
Download PDF • 356KB


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